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TSA PreCheck: Benefits and Qualifications

TSA PreCheck is a government-based program that will allow a traveler the opportunity to pass through an accelerated inspection at certain United States airports. Currently, there are over 7 million members who are taking advantage of the TSA PreCheck program.

How the Program Works

TSA PreCheck was made to speed up the inspection process of qualified travelers through security points that could become crowded when passengers accumulate to board a flight. According to the Transportation Security Administration website, an astonishing 93% of TSA PreCheck members waited less than five minutes to go through security lines and checkpoints.

In order to become a PreCheck member, individuals will need to:

  1. Submit an online application – The application takes approximately five minutes to complete and will also require the applicant to schedule an interview appointment.
  2. Conduct a background check – Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will need to go for an in-person background check that includes fingerprinting.
  3. Enjoy benefits – Once the application has been approved, the approved member will need to add his or her Known Traveler Number to the traveling ticket for benefits.

Program Benefits

If a traveler qualifies for PreCheck benefits, he or she ease through checkpoints without removing his or her:

  • Shoes
  • Laptop from bag
  • Liquids or gels from a carry-on
  • Lightweight jackets or outerwear
  • Belts

Program Eligibility

In order to qualify for the TSA PreCheck program, applicant must meet certain requirements. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Being a U.S. Citizen
  • Being a lawful permanent resident
  • Have not been convicted of a certain crime

Application Denials

Unfortunately, some applicants may be denied the opportunity to become a TSA PreCheck member, even if he or she meets the basic requirements. Application denials can be based on various factors that may include the following:

  • Open warrants,
  • Disqualifying felony convictions,
  • Incorrect personal information, or
  • An incomplete application

If an application denial has been received, there is an opportunity to contest the rejection. In order to appeal, it is important to make sure that the disqualifying factor has not only been identified, but has also been resolved.

If Your Application Has Been Denied, Seek the Legal Support of a Qualified Attorney

If you are a frequent flyer, you are likely considering becoming a member of the TSA PreCheck program. The benefits will not only save you time, it can also help to ease added stressors and other burdens of flying. If your application has been denied, you should know that you could appeal the decision. Seek the legal advice of a qualified attorney who can help to give your application the best chance at being approved. Additionally, a skilled attorney can help you obtain important documents that will support your case.

The attorneys at the Brett O’Brien Law, LLC are highly skilled in the field of TSA PreCheck denials. The firm is dedicated to helping frequent flyers obtain membership when their TSA PreCheck application has been denied. Denied applications are not always overturned; in effort of securing an approved application, obtain the professional support of an experienced attorney.

What happens after you file a birth injury case?

Newborn baby boy portrait on white carpet closeup. Motherhood and new life concept

6 to 8 babies out of every 100 suffer one or another kind of birth injury

Birth injuries are tragic and painful for, both, the child and the parent(s). However, they can occur due to several reasons. The negligence of the medical professional can play a huge role in preventing or enabling them. 

Children are delicate and precious. When handled improperly, they can suffer from irreversible damage that can ruin their entire lives. This is why childbirth injuries due to negligence or malpractice are so unforgivable. 

In such severe cases, taking the help of a birth injury lawyer can help you in claiming misconduct and gain rightful justice. 

Here’s how the legal procedure goes

  • First, your lawyer helps you understand your legal rights and obligations regarding any kind of medical malpractice or negligence by your medical professional. The lawyer will also ensure that you have a valid case to prove. 
  • In order to move the legal procedures quickly, the lawyer will give you the list of all the necessary documents that you will be required to obtain. Documents may include the medical records, medical bills, test reports proving the before and after condition, insurance bills and Medicare, receipts of “extra” expenditures, etc. 
  • After collecting the evidence and documents, the lawyer will begin the pre-litigation process where they will speak to medical experts and witnesses and obtain any other relevant information. This practice will allow them to build a detailed and strong case in your favor. 
  • At this stage, your lawyer can also propose a settlement amount to the defendants. However, if they decline to pay and both the parties fail to reach a settlement, then your lawyer will begin litigation and a formal complaint will be filed. 
  • Once your complaint is processed, the defendants will be given time to formally respond to the complaint. In this stage, they will be given access to all the detailed complaint registered against them, including the evidence, documents, and the witness list. In many instances, after reaching this stage, the defendant offers to re-negotiate the settlement.
  • If the other party does not agree on the settlement terms still, your case will proceed to the court for an appropriate amount of compensation. 

Law firms, like BIKLaw and others, can help you in fighting a strong case and winning your rightful compensation. For your awareness, here are some of the most common injuries that occur due to negligence. 

Some of the common birth injuries are


  • Brain injuries: The biggest cause of brain injuries is oxygen deprivation. This may include chronic seizures and cerebral palsy. The leading cause of this is the attending doctor’s failure in correctly monitoring the baby’s vital’s right after birth.
  • Fractures: A clavicle fracture, or the fracture of the collarbone, is the most common kind of injury that arises during natural birth because the doctor delivering the baby pulls too hard while the baby is still in the wrong position.
  • Brachial Palsy: This injury occurs when the group of nerves which controls the movement of the limbs is injured. When the baby shoulder gets stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone and the doctor pulls the baby too hard in the incorrect way, the brachial or neck region of the baby can get damaged and can even result in total paralysis.
  • Hemorrhages: During natural deliveries, the baby can suffer internal bleeding in the skull. Subconjunctival Hemorrhaging is also common in babies in which blood vessels burst in the baby’s eye due to improper handling. 

Your baby is precious and any kind of misconduct that might damage their lives is unforgivable but the law is always there to help you in every difficulty.

How Private Investigators Can Help Attorneys Win Cases

How Private Investigators Can Help Attorneys Win Cases

Far from what is depicted in gumshoe films, a Los Angeles Private Investigator (PI) or any other PIs for that matter mostly take less glamorous yet important assignments. These may include doing background checks, running license plates, collecting evidence for family court cases, researching ancestry, locating birth parents and doing surveillance for fraud and infidelity cases. The experience and skills of private investigators make them especially helpful for lawyers to win cases. What is even more important is that good PIs know what the law says they can and cannot do when they are on assignment. This means that their statements and the evidence that they collect will likely be acceptable in court. Here is a look at the ways can PIs help lawyers win cases.

Finding People

There are several reasons why lawyers may want to acquire the services of private investigators to locate people. Some lawyers may want to find out the whereabouts of possible witnesses in a case or to have the person served in a lawsuit. As mentioned earlier, the lawyers may also turn to PIs to look for a client’s birth parents or to track down a potential heir to a deceased client’s estate. These tasks may be too tedious for attorneys to have to do on their own. Hiring PIs to do the legwork in locating people allow lawyers to focus more on building and winning their cases.

Finding Assets

Assets are very important in civil cases as it can make or break the case for lawyers. Locating assets can be difficult, especially when legal action ensues, and the owner actively tries to hide them. An experienced PI will know where to look when searching for hidden assets such as unreported income, real estate properties, bank accounts, trust funds, vehicles and even boats.

Analyzing Digital Evidence

While not all PIs may have this skill, some may have gone the extra mile to understand and become adept at computer forensics and digital equipment analysis. This is due to the fact that digital devices, such as computers and smartphones, have become indispensable tools in our daily lives. Even if the owners of such devices delete sensitive data, it leaves behind digital footprints that skilled PIs can still recover. These data may be what lawyers need to win a case.

Evidence Gathering

Lawyers may hire private investigators to review the merits of their particular case or gather more evidence to help them win it. PIs can pore through a police report for a particular case and look for lapses and inconsistencies in the case. The private investigator can also examine the case file more closely to see any details that the police may have missed. A closer look at the police file is very important as it can turn up more evidence or new leads that might seal the victory for the lawyer.


Private investigators are skilled in shadowing people without being noticed. Such ability makes them ideal for investigating insurance fraud or marital infidelity. For these assignments, the lawyer may also ask the PI to gather video evidence of fraud or cheating.

Lawyers can also hire the services of a PI to have a more objective and impartial view of the case. Their lack of partiality and emotional involvement in the case almost ensures that the information and evidence that they provide the lawyers are balanced and unbiased. Lawyers may hire PIs for other tasks not mentioned here. Whatever tasks lawyers may ask their PIs to take on, information and evidence that will come out of such assignments will go a long way in helping them win cases.

Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents – Hours of Service Rules

A tired and fatigued driver poses a danger to others on the roadways. This is especially true when that tired and fatigued driver is operating a 10,000 plus pound tractor-trailer truck. Because tired and fatigued semi-truck drivers pose such a great danger to other on the roadways, federal law requires tractor-trailer truck drivers to follow maximum “hours of service” rules.

Federal hours of service laws can be complex. If you were injured in an accident with a semi-truck, it is essential that you hire not just a personal injury lawyer but a personal injury lawyer experienced in truck accident law who understands the complexities of these rules.

Which truck drivers are subject to the hours of service rules?

Hours of service rules were designed to eliminate the type of drowsiness that can lead to an accident. Many driver’s feel they know when they are drowsy, but numerous scientific studies show drivers are not good at estimating their level of drowsiness.

Anyone driving a commercial motor vehicle—including a semi-truck—on a public roadway is subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (or comparable state regulations). And anyone subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is subject to the federal hours of service rules, with a few exceptions. These exceptions include:

  • Truck driver’s working for federal government agencies;
  • Truck drivers transporting their own personal property;
  • Truck drivers operating solely on private property
  • Truck drivers using a semi-truck strictly for personal reasons while off duty; and
  • A few other categories of truck driver.

Note also that a small number of truck drivers operate solely within Montana. These truck drivers are not subject to federal hours of service rules but are subject to Montana rules limiting their hours of service.

Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the hours of service rules?

A truck driver has a personal responsibility to ensure he complies with the hours of service rules. A truck driver can be held responsible for violating an hours of service rule he either knew about or should have known about. If a roadside inspection uncovers an hours of service rule violation, the violating truck driver may receive a traffic citation or may be placed out of service for a period of time.

Trucking companies are responsible for training their drivers to ensure compliance with the hours of service rules. For this reason, a truck company can be held responsible for a rule violation by its driver. In addition, trucking companies who fail to establish an effective hours of service rule monitoring and compliance system can be fined thousands of dollars. In extreme cases, trucking company officials have even received jail sentences.

What do the federal hours of service rules require?

The hours of service rules require truck drivers to categorize their time according to four categories: (1) off duty, (2) sleeper berth, (3) driving, and (4) on-duty/not driving. Truck drivers must document their categorized time in an hours of service logbook.

truck driver logbook sample
Image Courtesy of: FMCSA

For logbook purposes, times starts with the first on-duty task after a 10-hour or greater period off duty.

There are four primary components to the hours of service rules:

  • Once the duty period starts, it runs for 14 consecutive hours. After that, the truck driver may not drive a truck again until having another 10 or more consecutive hours off-duty. Nothing stops the running of the 14-hour clock.
  • During the 14-hour duty period, which some people refer to as a “driving window,” a truck driver may drive a maximum of 11 hours.
  • When a truck driver reaches a total of 60 on-duty hours in 7 days, the truck driver must have a period of at least 34 consecutive hours off duty. There is an alternative for truck carriers that operate every day of the week—that is a maximum of 70 hours in 8 days. The counting of the max 60 or 70 hours on duty restarts after the driver has at least 34 consecutive hours off-duty.
  • A truck driver must take an off-duty break at some point during the duty period. The rule says that you may not drive a truck if it has been 8 or more hours since your last off-duty period of at least 30 minutes. The minimum 30-minute break must be completely off duty, with a few exceptions stated in the rule. A roadside inspection does not qualify as a break.

A truck driver may remain on duty after the end of the 14-hour duty period, such as working in the warehouse, but may not drive a truck. These hours do not count toward the maximum or 60 or 70 hours on duty in or 8 days.

For more information about hours of service rules, visit the Department of Transportation’s website.

If you or a family member has been injured in a semi truck accident, call Doubek, Pyfer & Storrar, PLLP today to schedule a free consultation regarding your matter. Our Montana truck accident lawyers have helped families recover millions of dollars in compensation and can answer your questions.

Un-publishing Requests: Removing an Article from Google

Internet privacy is a concern for many people, and the issue will only become greater as technology advances. A current concern for some people is facing phenomenon commonly known to as Google’s permanent record. Google-related issues can arise under the following conditions:

  1. A person has gotten arrested
  2. A local newspaper published the incident
  3. The charges were dropped or the person’s criminal record was expunged
  4. The arrest article is still memorialized online

A person facing Google’s permanent record can find difficulty in having a long-lasting record, even if the criminal record itself is no longer there. When that person’s name is searched via Google or other search engine, the person’s arrest record will remain visible.

Possible Consequences of an Online-Based Record

For some people, having an online record does not seem like a big deal. The reality is, however, that having a record online can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Some of the most common challenges can involve:

  • When an employer searches the candidates name and finds that the candidate involved in a sensitive circumstance, whether this circumstance is illegal or not.
  • A person who is unable to obtain a promotion because of a pardoned error he or she committed at a younger age.
  • A person who is dating or meeting somebody new has his or her name searched and the results of the search affect potential relationships.

It is unjust for individuals who have had their criminal record pardoned by the judicial system continue to find challenges because of a published online article. Regrettably, published articles are not legally obligated to retract their publication.

First Amendment Rights: The Challenges Presented By Free Speech

When it comes to the battles between news articles versus an individual’s reputation, the laws are more inclined to be on the side of the publishing company. Under the First Amendment, news agencies have the legal right to report valid and true information. These agencies have no obligation to un-publish any posted article.

Obtain the Legal Support of a Qualified Attorney

If you have recently discovered that there is an article published about your past that is not factual or it is concerning a criminal charge that was expunged, it is important to know that you have the right to challenge the publishing. Although the process of un-publishing an online article is not easy, a skilled attorney can help you in your pursuit of clearing your name.

News articles and publications about an expunged criminal should not affect you in your personal life. Unfortunately, this can happen to many people, even in cases where the publication is several years old. Obtain the legal support of a skilled attorney who can help you in clearing your name from Google’s permanent record.

The attorneys at the Brett O’Brien Law, LLC are highly skilled in helping individuals clear damaging published online articles. The firm is dedicated in helping people fight for their opportunity to a new beginning after a criminal charge was dropped or expunged. If you need to remove an article from the Internet, seek proficient legal support today.

5 of the Most Common Workplace Accidents

safety shoes

The workplace is not always a place you wish to be. Even if you love your job, it’s still possible to have days where you would rather be doing something else. However, no matter how satisfied you are with your career, the workplace is a place you should always feel comfortable and safe. Accidents at work are one of the many accident claims that solicitors come across on a frequent basis. There are several types of workplace accidents, such as falling from heights, machinery injuries and strains from repetitive tasks. There are certain jobs and industries where the danger is even more prevalent, but every working environment has its hazards. It’s extremely important that employers provide a safe working environment for all staff as well as visitors.

Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal Accident Claims, a specialist firm of solicitors in Liverpool in dealing with accident claims, have provided the following list of the five most common accidents in the workplace.

1) Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are consistently at the top of the list when it comes to accidents at work. This type of accident is especially dangerous for workers who must deal with high heights such as scaffolders and builders. However, this type of accident can still happen within any workplace even if it isn’t part of the job description. These accidents can be caused by poor floor surfaces, loose objects and improper use of equipment. To prevent slips, trips and falls, employers and their employees should ensure that the workplace is kept well-maintained and that any hazards are clearly marked for all to see.

2) Repetitive Strains

Repetitive strains and overexertion are next on our list of the most common workplace accidents. This can happen within any industry but is particularly common for those working in an office. Repetitive strain injuries are often overlooked by employers, but it can lead to more severe situations. Repetitive strains can occur when someone performs the same task over and over without a break. If you are working at a desk, for instance, it’s important to maintain proper posture and stand up at regular intervals. Repetitive strains can lead to complex issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

3) Machinery Injuries

If you work in the manufacturing industry or your role involves using specialised equipment, you will likely come across machinery which can be dangerous if used improperly. If employees are required to use machinery as part of their job, it’s important that adequate steps are taken to prevent injury. No one should use the equipment until they have received appropriate training and a risk assessment has been carried out. Accidents that can occur include fingers becoming trapped, clothing or hair getting caught, and objects unexpectedly flying off. As well as training, employees should also receive suitable protection wear as required.

4) Vehicle-Related Accidents

Following on from the previous accident, your job may involve the use of vehicles even in situations you may not expect. This type of accident is quite specific to certain industries but nonetheless is extremely common. Vehicles can be involved in a workplace environment in several situations. Even office jobs may be affected should there be a car park on the premises. Transportation jobs, such as tax drivers, delivery drivers and bus drivers, must require that all drivers are fully qualified and appropriate vehicles are used. Forklifts and heavy goods vehicles are also common hazards, especially when loading and unloading large quantity items. Like the point number 3, employees should receive necessary training before driving any vehicle for work-related purposes.

5) Cuts and Lacerations

We’ve all received a cut and laceration at some point in our lives. Even if it’s just a simple paper cut to a finger! A lot of cuts will heal in no time and you might not even notice it, but some can be much more severe. Work environments should always be tidy and organised with no loose or broken items clogging up the place. Workplaces that use sharp and bladed equipment will provide an extra level of danger when it comes to cuts and lacerations. Protection gear should always be worn, adequate safety policies should be implemented and appreciate training should be provided.

Have You Been Involved in an Accident at Work?

If you have been involved in an accident at work, don’t wait around. It is the responsibility of your employer to maintain the health and safety of all staff within the workplace environment. Failure to do so may result in a successful compensation claim should an accident occur. Get in touch with Fatal Accident Claims to receive free, no obligation advice on whether you have a legitimate claim to pursue.

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