Keeping Your Business Affairs Private

Privacy is frequently mentioned, often sought and rarely understood. This article will focus on protecting your identity when conducting business. Specifically, we will demonstrate how to structure your companies and finances to be wholly private. Your information won’t appear in any public database, nor will it be kept outside of your law firm’s and banker’s…


DMV Win at a Negligent Operator Hearing for Road Rage

Case History: California Drivers Advocates was engaged to defend a client whose driver license had been suspended because the Department of Motor Vehicles had identified him as a Negligent Operator because of his involvement in a “Road Rage” incident.  Our 60 year old client owns and operates a business in San Diego County that services…


UK Injury Law Blawg Gives Clarity to Confusing Industry

www.personalinjuryclaimsblawg.com is a blawg based in the UK that publishes high quality content from solicitors in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The blawg is well maintained and easy to navigate, new content rolls up to the Home page where you can access the most recent articles, social media posts and links to selected lawyer’s…


Motion for Summary Judgment in California

A motion for summary judgment in California is the topic of this article. The statutory authorization for a motion for summary judgment in California is found in Code of Civil Procedure section 437c(a)(1) which states in pertinent part that, “Any party may move for summary judgment in any action or proceeding if it is contended…