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How You Can Obtain TSGLI Benefits

Helping wounded heroes in their times of need.

After suffering a serious catastrophic injury during military service, it may be possible to obtain $100,000 tax-free benefit through The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance program, also known as TSGLI. This catastrophic injury protection program can offer benefits even when the injury occurred outside the line of service. Unfortunately, obtaining benefits can sometimes be a challenge. Injured service members could be initially turned down for benefits or receive settlement offers that are far below than what they deserve.

Speak to a TSGLI Benefits Attorney

Attorney Brett O’Brien is highly versed in TSGLI claims and appeals. For more than a decade, he has championed on behalf of injured service members. If you have been unfairly denied TSGLI benefits, Attorney O’Brien can provide support for a strong appeal. Moreover, he will ensure benefits are not delayed nor lowballed. When suffering from a catastrophic injury, contact Attorney Brett O’Brien for a complimentary consultation by filling out the online contact form or calling (202) 600-4996 today.

Obtaining Coverage Under TSGLI

The catastrophic injury protection program, formally referred to as The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance program (TSGLI), is a Department of Veteran’s Affairs insurance program that was implemented to provide financial benefit to seriously injured service members. The TSGLI benefit program is packaged with the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance program, or SGLI. The program is made available when service members added an additional dollar to their SGLI premiums to cover for TSGLI.

Under TSGLI, a qualifying loss or serious injury is one that is caused by external force, such as a physical condition or violence linked directly to a distressing event. Disqualifying injuries that could result in TSGLI program ineligibility include, but are not limited to the following: Injuries resulting from an attempted suicide; Any self-inflicted injuries; Injuries caused by a willful consumption of controlled or illegal substances; Injuries caused when committing a felony; Injuries caused when set out to carry out a felony crime; An injury resulting from a surgical or medical treatment of a disease or illness; An injury caused by a physical or mental disease or illness, not including those inflicted by a wound infection; a biological, radiological, or chemical weapon; or the accidental consumption of a poisonous or contaminated substance.)

Catastrophic injury protection can pay a one-time relief benefit that ranges from $25,000 – $100,000, contingent on the qualifying loss. Depending on the case, covered losses can be combined together and be treated as a single loss for the purpose of having one payout. A covered loss can include, but is not limited to the following: Hearing; Sight (vision); Speech; Amputations; Traumatic brain injuries; Facial reconstruction; Salvaged limbs (in lieu of an amputation); Second degree burns or worse on 20 percent of the face or body; Paralysis, such as hemiplegia, uniplegia, paraplegia, or quadriplegia; Genitourinary losses, such as the loss of use of testicles, uterus, or unitary system; Traumatic head injury resulting from the inability to accomplish a minimum of two Activities of Daily Living or a head injury causing the service member’s coma.

How to Obtain TSGLI Benefits

In order to obtain benefits, qualifying servicemembers, power of attorney, military trustees, or guardians will need to file a form SGLV 8600, an Application to obtain TSGLI Benefits. It is important to note that a licensed healthcare provider will need to complete a section of the application. In this section, the healthcare provider will need to provide a detailed report of the injuries sustained by the applying service member. Furthermore, the applicant will also need to provide a medical record of the qualifying injury. In addition, explanations of the injury will also need to be provided.

Documents that could be included in the application to support the existence of the injury can include the following: An OR report, for amputation injuries; Neurological reports for the loss in Activities of Daily Living or traumatic brain injuries; A physical therapy or occupational therapy report for Activities of Daily Living; Eye test documents for the loss of sigh; Hearing examination results for the loss of hearing; Speech examination results when there is a loss of speech; A medical history report or a summary report; A patient discharge summary; An accident report; A radiographic report, such as an MRI report, ultrasound, or X-Ray; Medical or physical evaluation boards; Other pertinent reports that serve to demonstrate the type of injury sustained and the duration of the Activities of Daily Living loss; Other types of diagnostic examination results, such as lab reports.

The Process to Obtain Catastrophic Injury Protection Program Benefits

Injured service members can only file a singular injury protection claim, without regard to whether more than one injury exists. Even when multiple injuries were caused from a single event, only one claim should be filed, but the claim should include a detailed report of all the serious injuries sustained from the singular event.

Each service branch processes their own service members’ claims. Average adjudicating and processing times for claims filed in the Army take an average of about 120 days once the claim has been received. Any incomplete form that is missing contact information, medical documentation, or other important information can delay the process even longer. Once the agency makes a final decision, the application will be sent to the Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance for review. Once this department receives the claim, the process can take up to 14 days to complete the process.

In the event TSGLI claim has been approved, a deposit in the predetermined financial institution will be made. If the claim has been denied, a notice of the claim will be sent by mail. In a denial notice, guidance for an appeal or reconsideration will be outlined.

Obtain Professional Legal Assistance for Your Benefits Claim

For service members who have been injured while on active duty or reserve, benefits are available through The Servicemembers Group Life Insurance program. Unfortunately, many service members find it difficult to obtain benefits, even when a qualifying injury was sustained. In some cases, the proper documentation for the injury can be difficult to obtain. In other cases, missing or incomplete documents is all that is available. To ensure a fully complete and strong claim is filed, the support of a well-versed attorney should be sought.

If you are an injured service member or qualifying representative, Attorney Brett O’Brien will strongly advocate for your right to receive TSGLI benefits. If you have been denied benefits, Attorney O’Brien will provide the professional representation you need to appeal the decision, offering you a better opportunity at obtaining benefits. Consider contacting Attorney O’Brien by filling out the contact form or calling (202) 600-4996 today.

Q and A with Attorney Mark Peacock

PeacocLaw, a.p.c.

Mark Peacock, founder of Peacock Law, a.p.c., has one of the most unique practices in the nation, it represents public safety officers and their families in personal injury lawsuits. Police, sheriff deputies, correctional officers, firefighters, EMTs, parole agents and related fields turn to Mark for his ability to understand the complex nature of personal injury cases involving public safety professionals.

Mark Peacock attorneyMark sat down with us for a brief Q and A where we discussed his practice, what it is like to represent public safety officers and the current state of the law in California.

Q – If an officer or firefighter is injured on the job, what should he or she do first?

A – Obviously, the first thing is to seek medical care and make sure you are okay. When it comes to handling any legal claims, be sure to contact your union representative and contact a qualified attorney who can handle all three areas of the law that will impact you. You need an attorney who handles workers compensation, an attorney who can handle any labor claims as well as a lawyer who can handle the personal injury aspect of your claim. 

Q – Is personal injury the same as worker’s compensation?

A – No, they are actually very different and handled under different sets of laws, legal statutes, and union contracts. If you do not have attorneys who understand this, you could be losing out on a significant amount of compensation. Peacock Law, a.p.c. handles only the personal injury aspect of your claim. We work closely with workers compensation attorneys to make sure every public safety officer is properly represented. However, personal injury claims are handled in a completely different way than worker’s compensation.

Q – Why is it different for a police officer, sheriff deputy or fire fighter to get hurt at work than other people? 

A – Again, there are the unique issues with regards to the types of injuries a public safety officer experiences.  A janitor does not carry a gun to work and a secretary does not run into a burning building. When a public safety officer is injured on the job, he or she will potentially have to file claims involving their department, worker’s compensation, and personal injury. The process is actually quite complex and requires the right kind of lawyer(s).

Q – Do these types of cases go to trial? How long do they take to resolve?

A – While Peacock Law, a.p.c. is always ready to take a case to trial if that’s what will get the best results, 99 times out of 100 these cases are settled confidentially.

Q – Does it matter what part of California a public safety officer gets hurt in?

A – Generally no because more often than not, your attorneys will be dealing with state laws alone.  What also matters is how your injury impacts your ability to perform your job and how your employer (typically a City, County, or the State) treats you while you are injured.  This is where it can get messy (light duty, no overtime, forced retirement etc.)   

Q – What is the biggest mistake you have seen when an EMT, parole officer or other public safety officer gets hurt in the line of duty?

A – First, the biggest mistake is them not realizing that they have a personal injury case in addition to a worker’s compensation case.   Secondly, not going to a qualified team of attorneys to handle every aspect of a claim. Many worker’s compensation attorneys can help with a worker’s compensation claim, but few understand the importance of handling the separate personal injury case properly and that’s where Peacock Law, a.p.c. comes in. If you are injured on the job, you need the right team of attorneys that can get you maximum compensation.

Q – Do you work closely with police and firefighter unions to help train their people on what to do if they have been injured?

A – Absolutely, our firm works with unions throughout California to help train leaders and members in the best ways to handle injuries, claims, new laws and more. We are grateful to our law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, parole agents and other public safety officers for all the work they do for our communities. Helping with training programs is one of the ways we are able to give back to those who give so much to us. We have trained and worked with safety personnel all over the state: Bay area, San Jose/Alameda, Sacramento, Los Angeles/Orange, San Diego, Anaheim, Santa Ana, etcetera etcetera. Really all four corners of the State. 

Q – What message do you have for officers in California?

A – It is never an easy time to be a public safety officer, but it seems now is a particularly difficult time. Know your rights, know your options, and find qualified attorneys with a long, successful track record of success who can help you if you are injured on the job. Remember, should you get seriously hurt your career in law enforcement, EMT, or firefighting could be at an end, so it is important to make sure you maximize every financial option you have available to you should that happen.

Thanks so much Mark, we look forward to speaking with you again.

A – Anytime.

Contact Information:

Peacock Law, a.p.c.
Phone: (949) 660-7762
4041 MacArthur Blvd.
Suite 280
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Wrongful Convictions in Texas are Not Uncommon

It seems like something out of a movie. A man wrongfully accused and sent to prison for a murder he did not commit. An innocent life behind bars, writing letters to anyone who could help him. Nearly a decade later, he is freed after DNA evidence emerges. But now, his life is unrecognizable after nearly 10 years in jail. Sadly, this is not a Hollywood movie — this is real life and it happens more often than you realize.

In 2010, Lyndell Grant was convicted of the fatal stabbing of a man outside a Houston bar. He spent the next nine years of his life writing letters to defense attorneys and legal teams to help exonerate him. In 2019, the Innocence Project of Texas uncovered emerging DNA technology to collect evidence that the wrong man was behind bars. Prosecutors re-examined the DNA removed from the fingernails of the victim. They found that Grant was not the one responsible for the murder. Instead, the DNA pointed to another suspect, Jermarico Carter of Atlanta. He then confessed to the murder and publicly apologized to Grant.

The Harris County District Attorney supported a request for bond and Grant was freed. However, he was not exonerated and therefore cannot start his life over again. It has been nearly nine months, and he still cannot get a job or move forward in his life. State officials say the reason for this delay is because of their overwhelming caseload combined with the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Innocent Lives Behind Bars

This is hardly the only case of an innocent man in Texas being sent to prison. Some estimate that there are thousands of inmates in Texas prisons that are innocent. In fact, according to the Innocence Project of Texas, an estimated 5,640 people are locked up behind bars for crimes they did not commit. This is more than 4 percent of the people currently incarcerated in the state.

How do innocent people end up in jail? Innocent men and women can get railroaded for crimes they did not commit for many reasons. Maybe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps witnesses lied or simply identified the wrong person. Even worse, police and other officials may have planted evidence or changed their story to help expedite the closure of a case.

Research conducted by the American University identified several predictors that could explain why some people end up convicted for crimes they did not commit. Those include: Young defendants, Criminal history, Weak defense, Prosecution that withheld evidence, Lying by non-eyewitness, Unintentional witness misidentification, Misinterpreting forensic evidence at trial, Punitive state culture.

Criminal Defense Matters

A weak defense is one of the main reasons why innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit. For this reason, it is important to obtain an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney from the very start. Immediately after you are arrested and charged with a crime, it is important to call a law firm. Do not speak to the police or to interrogators without your lawyer present. They can use anything you say against you and they are skilled in twisting words around to show guilt. Always have your lawyer present before you answer any questions.

Since your freedom and your future rest largely on your defense strategy, it is important to take the time to find an attorney with extensive experience representing individuals like yourself. This is too important to go at it alone. Unfortunately, many innocent people fail to get legal assistance quickly because they believe they do not need it. After all — they didn’t do this crime. However, this is the wrong choice. Without a skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side, you may find yourself facing serious consequences for crimes you did not commit.

Call Our Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers Immediately

After your arrest, you need an attorney you can trust. At Roger G. Jain & Associates, P.C., our Houston criminal defense lawyers will investigate your case from top to bottom. We will find the facts to help prove your innocence and get the charges dismissed. We know how to tackle and navigate the complex legal process in Texas, and we fight aggressively for our clients every step of the way. Call us today at 713-981-0600 or fill out our confidential contact form. We are here to help!

Frank N. Darras Profile & Biography


attorney Frank DarrasFor more than 30 years, Frank N. Darras has earned the reputation as America’s top disability attorney. Mr. Darras litigates short and long-term group disability claims and individually purchased disability policies. In addition, he litigates business overhead expense insurance, college and professional drop-in-slot and permanent career ending athlete coverage.

DarrasLaw exclusively focuses on disability and long-term care insurance issues representing people from all across the United States. DarrasLaw is the largest disability and long-term care insurance litigation firm in the nation.

Mr. Darras and his firms have recovered nearly a billion dollars in wrongfully denied insurance benefits. The expert staff and attorneys at DarrasLaw review more than 2,500 disability claims per month.

DarrasLaw’s hard work and long track record of success has been extensively recognized with awards, honors and recognition including:

  • Best Lawyers in America every year since 2006
  • Tier 1. Rating distinguished from Best Law Firms in America
  • Martindale-Hubbell “AV-Preeminent,” the highest attainable rating
  • The Association of Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the nation
  • The Los Angeles Daily Journal: Top 35 Healthcare Attorneys in California and for his unparalleled success representing the disabled
  • SuperLawyer every year since SuperLawyers’ inception
  • LawDragon’s Top 500 Lawyers in America for 15 consecutive years
  • Insurance Bad Faith Top 10 Trial Lawyer
  • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Lawyers in the nation
  • LawDragon Top 500 Employment Lawyer
  • LawDragon Top 500 Consumer Lawyer
  • Lead Counsel Rated
  • Lawyers of Distinction
  • RUE rating is: Best Lawyers of America
  • ASLA Top 100 Lawyers
  • America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators
  • Legal Leaders Top Rated Lawyer
  • 10/10 “superb” rating from AVVO
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating

Attorney Frank Darras built a firm with nationwide representation that is unique in its ability to battle billion dollar disability insurance companies. He balances this with stellar and unparalleled results for his clients. DarrasLaw has a renowned and honored disability insurance staff to provide a highly qualified, in-depth analysis of complex disability sickness and accident claims.

Fighting for Justice on Behalf of Disabled Clients Everywhere

DarrasLaw is literally in a disability league of their own. Mr. Darras, the attorneys and staff specialize in America’s most difficult cases against insurers with slanted odds and high costs. The most daunting area that very few attorneys nationally are willing to take on, is a little known federal law called ERISA. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, better known as ERISA, was enacted in 1974, which regulates employee group health, life and disability benefit plans.

ERISA severely limits certain types of damages, which often discourages many plaintiff attorneys. However, DarrasLaw’s dedication to people battling insurance companies while also facing debilitating injury or chronic sickness created the nation’s most honored and decorated disability insurance law firm.

“Billion dollar insurance companies with armies of lawyers and seemingly unlimited resources only make me work harder” said Mr. Darras. “Disability insurance companies like Minnesota Mutual, Hartford, Aetna, Prudential and many others regularly take advantage of the disabled with a ‘beat them up, wear them down, and starve them out’ claim strategy. In many cases, these long-term care policies are denied and ignored. We make it our priority to provide our clients with justice they need and deserve.”

While the average long-term disability insurance lawyer may handle 30-50 cases in a year, DarrasLaw sees thousands of denials each month from all across the country. Real time case management allows DarrasLaw to see what insurers are doing across America on a daily basis and help the disabled quickly restore their benefits.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Group and Individual Long-Term Disability Insurance

Millions of hard working Americans have been recently impacted by COVID-19. Frontline doctors, nurses, ER technicians, dentists, office workers, warehouse employees and more have been reaching out to DarrasLaw. DarrasLaw has been fielding thousands of calls from people needing to file short and long-term disability insurance claims as a result of this pandemic. Some of these individuals have contracted COVID-19 while others are suffering PTSD, along with other serious and debilitating mental nervous disorders.

“Americans are experiencing an unprecedented time in our nation’s history. Many employees are being asked to work harder and in more dangerous conditions than they ever thought possible,” said Mr. Darras. “We are currently representing many people who have been infected, exposed to or otherwise impacted by COVID-19.”

Unemployment benefits are sometimes the wrong option for people due to their injuries or sickness, which creates an inability to return to work. Disability insurance claims are often the best and right option.”

College and Professional Sports Claims

In addition to Mr. Darras’ work in group long-term disability and individual privately purchased disability insurance, he works with athletes and sports teams on their disability insurance issues. Mr. Darras assists athletes, their families, agents, colleges and universities and professional sports teams with long-term disability insurance issues, including those who are currently involved in COVID-19 pandemic. Legal outlets continue to reach out to Mr. Darras on this topic, including the Daily Journal, Law360, the SEC Radio and others on the disability insurance issues facing professional and college athletes during this pandemic.

If you have a question regarding your individual or long-term disability insurance claim, please contact DarrasLaw today for a free claim analysis and free consultation.


(909) 390-3770
3257 East Guasti Road – Suite 300
Ontario, California 91761

Bike Accident Attorneys – They Can Help Your Recover

As a bike accident victim, you may be entitled to financial compensation. A skilled attorney can help.

The State of California is one of the best states for bicycle enthusiasts. The scenic views and the significant infrastructure many cities across the state have invested in have made biking in California a feasible mode of transportation. It is no surprise why California consistently ranks as one of the most bike-friendly states in the country.

Like many states, California is no stranger to bicycle accidents. Even as many local regions continue improving their roads for bicycle safety, the state continues to see an increase in bike-related traffic accidents. According to a report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the nation as a whole is experiencing an increasing rate of bicycle-related accidents.

Bicycle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, but in some cases, the injuries can lead to an untimely demise. When an accident was caused because of another’s careleness, the State of California protects the right to seek financial compensation.

Obtain the Legal Support of a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one was injured in a bicycle accident, compensation may be available through a personal injury claim. Filing a claim can be a challenging process, particularly when facing an aggressive insurance company. Contact the support of a skilled attorney who will investigate the case and help you pursue the compensation you are owed.

At the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King, helping accident victims recover damages for their injuries is top priority. The firm specializes in personal injury cases, making them the premier choice when it comes to handling the most complex bicycle accident cases. Consider contacting the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King to schedule a free initial consultation today.

Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

California is a very diverse state, offering a wide range of roads for cyclists to enjoy, including mountain terrains and protected bike lanes. Consequently, there are many ways a bicycle accident can occur. The following is a short list of the most common type of bicycle accidents:

Accident Occurring While Exiting a Private Drive

Whether it is in a residential zone or other area, accidents can happen as a cyclist is exiting a side street, sidewalk, driveway, or private alley. Cyclists and motorists have equal responsibility in checking the area for oncoming traffic before exiting. When one party fails to look, the consequences can be disastrous for the cyclist.

Rear-Ended By Drivers

Sadly, it is not uncommon for cyclists to be struck from behind while on the road. This type of accident most happens during the night hours, as visibility is generally low. In an effort to prevent this type of accident, California’s Vehicle Code Section 21200 mandates cyclists to be in use of reflectors and lights when riding at night.

Sideswipe Incidents

These types of accidents occur when a vehicle collides with the side of the cyclist riding alongside him or her. Drivers and cyclists both argue that bicycle lanes are not nearly wide enough for both parties to travel alongside one another simultaneously. This can be particularly true when cyclists have to share the bike lane with parked vehicles.

Dooring Accidents

A “dooring accident” happens when a parked driver opens the door to his or her vehicle without first looking for an oncoming cyclist. These accidents have a greater likelihood of occurring in urban cities where the streets are much narrower.

Bike Accident Injuries

Injuries resulting from bicycle accidents are more catastrophic than a majority of traffic accidents because riders are not as shielded and protected as drivers. Cyclists do not have a car’s metal shield and airbags that offer immense protection in the event of an accident. Bicycle accident victims can typically endure the following injuries:

  • Broken legs,
  • Neck injuries,
  • Traumatic head injuries,
  • Joint dislocations,
  • Nerve damage, and
  • Dental or jaw injuries

Obtain Proficient Legal Support Following a Bike Accident

Bicycle accidents can be an extremely overwhelming experience. It is easy for victims to undergo shock, trauma, and prolonged physical pain. For this reason, it is very important to seek the legal support of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who will help in recovering the maximum amount of compensation possible.

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Justin H. King are well-versed in the most challenging bicycle accident cases in California. With over ten years in dedicated legal experience, the firm can help you navigate the complex legal process and advocate on your behalf. More importantly, the firm is prepared to aggressively defend your right to a full monetary compensation. Consider obtaining a no-obligation consultation with the law firm today.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do Each Day?

personal injury consultation

There are an estimated one million licensed attorneys in the United States. Many of these attorneys handle personal injury cases. While no two law offices are the same, there are some common threads that run throughout nearly each and every personal injury practice in the country. If you are considering a career as a personal injury lawyer, here are some things to keep in mind. The average attorney is generally a very busy individual. That especially applies to personal injury attorneys.

The most important requirement for a personal injury attorney is the ability to bring in cases. Without cases, there is no law practice. A successful attorney is able to market his or her services to the marketplace. There is such incredible competition amongst personal injury lawyers that generally speaking, the most successful ones are those that are able to effectively market and advertise his or her legal services. If you are considering a career as a personal injury lawyer and marketing is not your strong suit, it is recommended that you equip yourself with marketing information and knowledge so as to ensure that you are able to bring in cases into your practice. The attorneys that get the best cases are generally the best marketers. Marketing to both potential clients, as well as staying in touch with past clients, can ensure a steady case flow.

The attorney must be able to stomach and withstand up and down income periods. Personal injury attorney work on a contingency fee basis. That means the attorney only gets paid if he/she is able to successfully settle a client’s case. Therefore, the attorney’s income fluctuates. Some months there may be many settlements while other months, no cases may settle. This means the income is not steady, and never is for a personal injury lawyer. This line of work is only for those that are comfortable with not receiving a steady pay check each week.

Hire the Right People, and Row in the Same Direction

Additionally, the attorney needs to run a business. The practice of law is a business. Just like with any other business, if the business is not effectively and efficiently operated, the business will fail. The most successful personal injury lawyers are able to hire the right people. By hiring the right people and putting them in a position to succeed, the attorney’s chances of running a successful law practice skyrocket. The attorney must ensure that the law practice has systems in place so as to ensure that each individual is doing his or her job the right way. When everyone is rowing in the same direction at the same speed, the practice can definitely thrive. The successful attorney is the one who can effectively manage his or her staff. That is made so much easier by hiring and onboarding the right people and placing them in a role that will see them succeed and thrive.

Finally, the attorney must handle cases. The attorney must know how to effectively handle a client’s case from start to finish. They need to be adept at negotiation, and must understand how to effectively work with insurance adjusters. The most successful personal injury lawyers are those that are adept at navigating the judicial system. They must know how to litigate a case.Litigation can be a very adversarial process, so for anyone considering a career as a personal injury attorney, make sure that you are comfortable with the idea of litigating cases and going to court and arguing in front of juries.

Results Matter

In conclusion, what really matters most for any personal injury lawyer is getting results for his or her clients. If you are able to achieve successful results for your clients, they will come back to you and refer your business. The attorney who is able to successfully market his or her practice as well as successfully operate the practice on an administrative level and who is able to successfully handle clients’ cases from start to finish will have a very robust law practice. The profession of law can be a very rewarding one, as well as a very stressful one. If you feel that the profession of law, specifically, the profession of personal injury law is right for you, I absolutely encourage you to pursue this line of work.

Christopher Earley is a personal injury attorney in Boston who since 2004 has been advocating and fighting for the rights of the injured and their families. His office is dedicated to advancing the rights of the injured against large insurance companies.

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As a bike accident victim, you may be entitled to financial compensation. A skilled attorney can help. The State of California is one of the...