In recent years, we have seen a sudden upsurge of trampoline parks open across the state and in many local communities. The idea of a renting out the entire park for your child’s birthday party is something many parents looked forward to. For many parents, taking their children to a trampoline park presented various perks. For one, the facility itself is often closed and if you have a large party, the idea of knowing that your young children will not suddenly run across the street into oncoming traffic can provide a deep sense of relief. Trampoline parks also allow children the opportunity to be extremely active.

For many parents, trampoline parks are also viewed as being safe: a great part of the park can be covered by protective foam and the trampoline itself is made out of fabric, which could ease a child’s fall. With so many perks, very few parents would ever consider a devastating accident to happen inside a trampoline park. Accidents do happen, however. Shockingly, one of the most recent accidents involved a young teen who was paralyzed following a trampoline accident.

Understanding how an accident in a trampoline park occurs and who can be responsible for the injuries of your child is important when seeking to file a personal injury claim. Any person who suffers an injury inside a trampoline park can develop serious physical complication. When the injured victim is a developing child, the injuries have the potential to last a lifetime. If your child has suffered an accident while playing inside a trampoline park, consult the expert advice of a lawyer who is experienced in personal injury cases involving trampoline cases. Every injured victim has the legal right to pursue a lawsuit against the liable party; a specialized attorney can help you win your case.

Understanding How the Injury Occurred Will Lead to Identifying Which Form of Lawsuit Should Be Filed

When filing a lawsuit for negligence, it is important to understand how the injury occurred in order to understand who could be held liable for the injuries. The majority of trampoline accidents will fit into one of the following scenarios:

  • The trampoline was defective when it left the manufacturing company.
  • The property manager of the trampoline park failed to adequately maintain the trampoline.
  • The property manager of the trampoline park failed to adequately supervise the use of the trampoline by guests.
  • Other guests failed to use the trampoline in a manner that was reckless, dangerous, and failed to abide by the company’s use policy.

Once it has been established how the accident occurred, determining what type of claim to file should become easier. The following are some potential possibilities:

  • If the product’s designer or manufacturer caused the injury, the right course of action could be to file a products liability claim.
  • If the trampoline owner or property manager failed to reasonably safeguard against a potential accident, the right action to take could be to file a premises liability claim.
  • If another guest’s negligence caused the injury, the right course of action could be to file a personal injury claim.

Obtain the Support of an Expert Attorney Following a Trampoline Park Accident

Trampoline park accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. When a devastating accident happens, it is in the best interests of the parent to protect the legal rights of their family and seek the expert advice of a knowledgeable attorney.

If your child has suffered injuries while playing in a trampoline park, the support of an attorney can help your child obtain the financial compensation necessary to help your child in his or her recovery. The attorneys at Martinez & Schill, LLP are highly skilled and proficient in handling trampoline park cases in the State of California. The firm is prepared to defend the rights of any child and his or her family in a court of law.