Believe it or not, the biggest wildfire in California history (“Camp Fire”) could have been prevented. The issue that is driving Fresno personal injury lawyers mad is how PG&E neglected safety protocols in favor of profits. For those who don’t know, this article will answer the following questions:

  1. How “Camp Fire” Escalated to The Most Destructive Fire in California History
  2. Why Fresno Attorneys are Blaming Pacific Gas and Electric
  3. What You Can do if You Were a Victim

What Made Camp Fire the Worst Fire in California History

Over the course of 2 days, the fire dubbed “Camp Fire” had already incinerated over 100,000 acres of land in the town of Paradise. For those of you who don’t know, that’s almost the entirety of the town of paradise.

The roaring inferno grew uncontrollably and is held responsible for the death of countless people. Normally, when you hear “countless” it’s because the numbers are too high to imagine. However, in this case it’s because to this day, there are 870 people from Paradise alone that are missing and so, nobody knows how many were consumed in the fires.

As of now, the remains of 81 people have been recovered from the catastrophe.

Besides the human damage, Camp Fire is responsible for billions of dollars in infrastructure related damages. The fire took down over 18,421 structures, most of the town of Paradise and large chunks of neighboring towns. As shown in the USA Today article, the blaze burned down 13,503 homes, 514 business buildings, and 4,404 other buildings such as warehouses, sheds, storage units and barns.

In an effort to control the fire, over300 fire trucks, 8 helicopters and 3,745 firefighters had to be contracted. Even after the fire was finally contained, other threats were still looming on the horizon such as mud slides, flooding and ash streams.

Why California Lawyers Blame PG&E

An overwhelming amount of evidence has started to surface showing that PG&E neglected fire safety protocols in favor of profits. The first clue is their payment structure for managers which awards them bonuses based on the lack of customer calls/complaints instead of on proper operational procedures.

This incentive led managers to ignoring many of the tell-tale signs that a fire was imminent such as several customer e-mails reporting sparking wires outside their homes. On top of that, PG&E had the option to shut down power to the region in order to prevent further fire damage.

This was an option that they did not take as that would reduce their profits. As the blaze raged on, PG&E left electricity running through their power lines which helped grow Camp Fire and start smaller, new fires.

And so, this is why the attorneys are now suing PG&E for millions of dollars. Their negligence burned down an entire town and claimed the lives of hundreds of people. In the wake of the aftermath, Pacific Gas and Electric is facing millions of dollars in lawsuits, their worth has plummeted, shareholders are abandoning the company and top it all off they are declaring bankruptcy.

The only positive thing that came out this devastation is that corporations are now facing the truth that they can’t neglect their responsibility to the community in favor of profits. Hopefully other businesses learn from the mistakes of PG&E so that a disaster like this never happens again.

What You Can Do

If you were someone who was affected by the California fires, then seek help immediately because you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in reparations. The attorneys at Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian are encouraging everyone who was affected in any way to contact them because it looks like in the courts, the big corporations won’t be winning this time.