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What's the ballpark range cost for a startup lawyer?

Greetings. I have very little experience working with lawyers to help start up a business, this is my first time. I'm shopping around right now and I have a list of needs including structuring my business, putting together partnership agreements and setting up equity share. I was wondering if anyone could tell me generally how much this process would cost?
  • It can really vary. Qualified attorneys who specialize in business law can charge anywhere from $275 per hour at smaller firms to upwards of $1,000 per hour for partners at large law firms.

    As the last commenter suggested, I would recommend that you hire an attorney who works for project based rates to avoid surprise legal bills.

    I recently had an article published in The Huffington Post on how to select a business attorney that you mind find helpful -

    Thank you,
  • Hi there. In terms of fees, it all depends on the status of the startup in terms of its (1) funding (bootstrapping vs seed-funded), (2) composition of the team (1person vs a team already established), and (3) stage of development with regards to the startup's products or services. I have advised startups with just $1500 in fees as well as those incurring $7-8K. It all depends, but we usually come up with a task list, setting fort milestones, and peg legal fees to the startup's monthly budget.
  • Hello. Our firm works primarily with start ups in fashion, lifestyles, the arts and entertainment, but many of the issues surrounding start ups are common across industries. We have great references, fixed lat fees for many of our services and a lowly hourly rate for everything else. I would be more than happy to discuss the particulars with you. Please visit to get a feel for who we are and how we would be able to assist you.
  • Here is Rimon Law Group's Startup Package - entity formation, employee agreements, trademarks, and patents. (opens pdf). It includes flat fees and estimates for patent preparation and filings.

    It also contains useful legal information for early-stage companies.

    Rimon is a full-service corporate law firm of only partner-level attorneys with experience from major international companies, law firms and governmental agencies.
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