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5 Completely Avoidable Pitfalls to Owning a Home Based Business

January 24, 2012

You want to start a new business, but you want to save costs by operating the business out of your home. In response to the tough economy, the home-based business sector is booming. For the purposes of this article, a "home-based business" is an organized business entity operated principally out of the home of one or more of the owners of the entity. Practitioners in the areas of taxation, insurance, accountancy and business planning are becoming more familiar with this type of structure. You'll be very happy to know that the law affords distinct benefits to home-based business operators. Once aware of the potential pitfalls (all of which are completely avoidable) you'll be ready to take advantage of the legal and operational benefits of using your home for business purposes...

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5 Completely Avoidable Pitfalls to Owning a Home Based Business

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